Ever dreamed of a future in the music industry? j’ mar records can help you both realize that dream and share it with the world through the online airwaves. j' mar records is both a dedicated record label and an extensive digital music store.

Get Signed!

Our record label cares for its artists. If you are confident in your talent and want to get signed by j' mar records, please see our Demo Info section. Send us your best demo along with some photos and a simple biography.

Get Heard!

Promote and sell your music through our online music store! This is a cost-effective way to get heard by a large number of people. Customers browse through our secure website and buy your high-quality digital recordings using a credit card. Together our artists represent a vast community of songs and styles that is easily accessible to their consumers.


All demos received by j' mar records are listened to and replied to. With the amount of demos we are currently receiving, we would prefer if you could send your best tracks rather than sending loads. If we like what we hear, then we will get back to you and ask to hear more.
Please make sure your contact information is clearly visible. Demos are acceptable in all formats, but we prefer to hear them on CD, Minidisc or DAT.
All accepted demos will be placed in the hot list that would appear in front of many links on the site rather than other music which is not signed could be on other pages of the site that would not get much exposure. You could get the Address for your Demo from our Contact page.

j’mar records whole-heartedly appreciates the support of both its members and customers.

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